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The Future of FileMaker AI with Isak Computing

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Now more than ever AI has become a powerful tool in terms of software efficiency and user interaction. Here at Isak Computing we plan to enhance our current SiCompounding system through the integration of various AI functionalities.

When talking about the integration of AI to a secure software, many might be worried about data leaks or simply database privacy liabilities. FileMaker's AI integration methods assure that this is not an issue for its users and developers. Following their recent conference, here are some key points users and developers should keep in mind, and what it means for SiCompounding and Isak Computing.

Enhanced Automation: AI enables automated data entry and task management.

Our goal at Isak Computing is always to make things easier and more efficient for our users. Integrating AI allows us to, for example, automatically assign tasks to users based off of the workload they have already been given without having to go into the system and take account for it manually.

Intelligent Data Analysis: AI tools help in analyzing large data sets for insights and trends.

A pharmacy could easily get hundreds of orders everyday. Keeping track of trends and cycles can be a tedious task to constantly be on top of as a user. Having an automated AI that could simply be asked a question such as "What was our best selling product in the past week" could be life changing for a pharmacy's workflow.

Natural Language Processing: Users can interact with databases using natural language queries.

It's safe to assume that the majority of pharmacy technicians aren't necessarily experts when it comes to coding in FileMaker or SQL. AI is the perfect bridge between users and their ever-evolving database. Now, in a space created by developers, users can interact with AI to make them things such as a button or a chart, simply using a detailed description. AI will curate the SQL needed for this new tool based off of the elements from the database and the description given by the user. This allows users to take customization of their experience in SiCompounding to a whole new level right at their fingertips.

While AI assistance can't replace human creativity and expertise, it can be a transformative tool when combined with our skills. It can help reduce redundant tasks, brings new ideas to light, and enable us to develop even more innovative and effective solutions for our clients. We look forward to expanding our knowledge and use of AI at Isak Computing through FileMaker tools and new developments.

Learn more about FileMaker's AI Integration and watch the conference here.

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