Isak Computing has won the 2023 Claris Excellence Awards!!! View the Award here


The Future of FileMaker AI with Isak Computing

Now more than ever AI has become a powerful tool in terms of software efficiency and user interaction. Here at Isak Computing we plan to enhance our current SiCompounding system through the integration of various AI functionalities. When talking about the integration of AI to a secure software, many might be worried about data leaks […]
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SiCompounding's Top 5 Remarkable Features

Highlighting 5 of SiCompounding's outstanding features that will take your pharmacy management to the next level. In the ever-evolving world of pharmaceuticals, efficient and effective management systems are essential to the success of a pharmacy. SiCompounding is designed to ease operations, enhance communication, and ensure seamless integration of essential functions. Let's look at some of […]
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Award winner 2023 Claris excellence awards

SiCompounding: Award-Winning Compounding Pharmacy Solution

We are thrilled to announce that our SiCompounding app has been honored with the prestigious Claris Excellence Award on Design. This recognition celebrates our team's dedication and expertise in creating an exceptional user experience within a Claris FileMaker solution. By integrating interactive and visually appealing design elements, we have crafted a solution that meets the […]
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